Pics or It Didn't Happen

"Sometimes I feel incredibly disconnected, really uncomfortable in my own skin, or kind of like I don't fit into this world. Like I was born at the wrong time and I don't belong" - Haley James Scott.

OTP: BECHLOE (Pitch Perfect); Cara x Leo (LOTS); Naley (OTH); Percabeth (Percy Jackson); Peeniss (THG); Ruth x Idgie (FGT); Penny Lane and William (Almost Famous); and Minky (Skins).

BROTP: SENDRICK; PLENDRICK (Kendrick-Plaza); Chaubrey; Jeca; The Barden Bellas; Snow-Camp; Joshifer; PLL cast; Teen Wolf Cast; Censan; Kensi x Bo; Friends' Characters; Santana x Quinn; Robin x Lily.

ALSO SHIPPING: Kahra x Richard (LOTS); Warrior beauty x Phillip (OUAT); Kristanna x Queen Elsa (Frozen); Swan Queen (OUAT); Sparia (PLL); Delena (TVD); Knave and Red Queen (OUAT in Wonderland); Arya and Gendry (GOT); Marco x Rosie (WTEWYE); Thalia Grace x Zoƫ Nightshade (PJ); and hmm etc. ask for more.

FANDOMS: BECHLOE; Pitch Perfect; HP, Percy J, THG, Teen Wolf, OUAT, PLL, Friends, Weeds, HIMYM, GOT, LOTS, Orphan Black, ANNA KENDRICK, Brittany Snow, and more tv-series and some movies.

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